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Cornerstone Library and Digital Collections

Most often, a library is thought of as a building, with librarians looking after collections of books and other materials, to which Lecturers, Students, Faculty and Staff go to use these collections.

But a library may be defined as: “A managed and organized collection of information resources, of all kinds, with services provided so that the collection can be used effectively”.

The library is not only a place, but it is an organized and managed collection for the benefits of the users. Like any other library, a digital library is about managed and organized collections and user services. In the digital library, these are computerized, rather than physical. This means that information is available in a digital format, and that services are provided over computer networks. Users can access these services from their computers by using an internet connection. Currently the library does not have a library website.

The Purpose Of the library

Students will be able to access online resources using any electronic devices. Information will be available when you need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The online library will be serving approximately 1 300 Population.